Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello and Welcome

Well hello and welcome!

An eon ago in internet time (>4 years), when I was working in the Windows Security group at Microsoft, I maintained a "professional" blog on Technet (strawberryJAMM's Security and User Experience WebLog). I essentially abandoned it when I left Microsoft and the Security field in the winter of 2005 and, for a variety of reasons, never felt the desire to start a new one. But now, four years of personal and professional turbulence later, I've reached a place where the idea of collecting and distributing information related to my field of experience has once again become attractive, so here I am.

I've just taken on a new position as the Usability Manager for a start-up in the social media space (more about that in a later post). We are developing a new service that I'm really very excited about and it is this, more than anything, that has reignited my desire to share my thoughts about user experience design in general and within the context of my work.

So once again I say, Welcome!  And if you stick around for a bit and offer a comment here and there maybe we'll learn something from each other.


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